Monday, January 10, 2022

Wow! Homes on the Big Island Are Cheaper Than Boise

And they do not have subfreezing winter nights.  If only the Court would once and for all nuke assault weapon bans and mandate shall-issue I could tolerate the higher costs for practically everything but pineapples.

Okay Volcano Road is a little offputting.  Going up to $800,000 gives some ocean view properties.

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  1. A nephew lives in Hawaii - on Oahu, which has the most resources of all islands...

    One problem he has is that getting appliances (specifically in his case refrigerators and clothes dryer) are not repairable. Not only are there few repair people, and parts must be ordered from the mainland, which means they are very expensive (to have them flown in) and ultimately, it's simpler to just replace the appliance.

    Add to that the leftist insanity of Hawaii politics at all levels...