Saturday, January 29, 2022

I Think Vice Intended This As a Hit Piece...

But I find it heartening.

 Vice refers to these as private armies, I think as a comparison to the Freikorps of the Weimar Republic.  It does not work.  While most of these independent militias report to the Polish Army, some do not.  Capture of Polish Army records might simplify Russian roundup of these troublemakers, so some remaining outside Polish Army supervision looks like a good thing.

I suspect most of my readers will applaud, but if you wandered in here by accident, and wonder why death would be preferable to Russian occupation: Poland has a long history of occupation.  After Russian, Austerian, and German partition, the Russians banned instruction in Polish and attempted to impose the Cyrillic alphabet.  Both Soviet occupation and German occupation led to millions of deaths.  The Sooviets massacred thousands of Polish Army officers, police, and intelligentsia in an attempt to destroy the core of both physical and intellectual leadership of Poland.  The Germans murdered millions of Poles, Gentile and Jew.  

A co-worker recalled seeing the Red Army arrive to "liberate" them from the Germans.  The soldiers would rape any girl or woman in public--implying that they faced no risk of punishment by their own officers.

Now do you understand Polish resistance?

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