Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Voting With Their Feet

1/4/22 Yahoo News:
"Democrats are likely to lose control of one or both houses of Congress in this year’s midterm elections. But they may face an even bigger danger: A steady flow of Americans out of traditional blue states on the coasts and in the upper Midwest into red states mostly in the South."

Contrary to the fears of many Idahoans, people living Blue states are likely not leaving paradise for the hellholes of relaxed gun laws, evangelical Christianity, and frighteningly low crime rates. 

Among my California refugee neighbors and acquaintances from church are people tired of being told that they are too narrow minded, too white, too responsible and all the other things that interfere with utopian places like Seattle and San Francisco.  Because so many of these are high-income people (good jobs or retired), these will be net financial losses for the Blue states.  Of course that can be fixed with more subsidies from Uncle Joe and higher taxes on those unable to easily exit.  The former will not be available after the midterm elections.   The latter will just motivate those remaining deplorables to find a way out. 

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