Saturday, January 8, 2022

Finally a Chance to Use the New Scope

Too cold to be out there.  But at least it was only two minutes in and out because of the weight.  As I expected, my 5" apochromat is at least as good, likely even a bit sharper on the Moon as should be expected on a scope with 50% more resolution (which scales up directly with objective diameter). 

On Jupiter it is pretty much identical although there is perhaps more detail at a lower magnification. Cloud bands are visible and reasonably sharp.

Saturn was too low in the sky by the time I got outside.

While in theory you can skip a finderscope on this scope by using a very low power eyepiece, even the sequence of moving up through three eyepieces is just not very practical on an alt-azimuth mount.  (Objects keep moving.)  Trying to sight along the tube to center the Moon is not easy.

The mount works well.  I had wondered why the slow motion controls can be installed 180 degrees apart, but now I see: depending on where you are aimed, the cable can easily become hard to use.  

This will be a fine scope for star parties and grab-and-go astronomy in winter.

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