Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Astonishing Video

Something to think about Civil War wise, this video asks what the two countries would be like if the solidly Democratic and Republican states went their separate ways?  A lot more equal than I thought.


  1. He was very good at being politically neutral. But he doesn't take into account whether people would chose to remain within there current states. That would be a big influencing factor given that many democratic states have many republicans that live outside the cities.
    And if the US splits in such a way, D.C. goes to neither. It becomes a neutral "tourist attraction" that people from both new countries can visit to learn about the past.

  2. That "analysis" is flawed in so many ways. The productive, freedom-loving Republicans from every blue state would flee to a red area where they could live their lives as they see fit. What would that do to the GDP of the respective red and blue areas?

    Anyway, the split would not be along state boundaries. It would be a bloody, neighbor-against-neighbor, urban-vs-rural struggle in every state--Yugoslavia writ large and orders of magnitude more horrendous.

    1. This is horrifically true. A purple state like my Michigan will be a front line.

      So many purple states only go Blue due to the cities. Who will break the blockades that form around them to deliver food?

  3. For fun, mixed with sadness at times, read Kurt Schlicter's series of novels about the US splitting into red and blue countries. Schlicter's excellent humor combines with his only a bit exaggerated blue state craziness.