Friday, February 5, 2021

How Many Suits Did the 2020 Election Produce?

 Here is a summary of suits caused by the 2020 election.  Many were not decided on the merits of the claims of fraud, but standing and other procedural issues.  A number of the suits are still active.  What happens if he wins enough of those suits to have turned the election?  Nothing, except proof that the news media were newsing (lying) when they called his suits baseless.

As a number have pointed out the impeachment is going forward in hopes of disqualifying Trump from holding office in the future.  Why would you do that unless thought he could beat President Harris in 2024?

1 comment:

  1. Clayton, with all respect, you might be severely underestimating the evil and hatred that drives these people.

    "Why would you do that..."

    Why? Because it is all that they can get away with at the moment. They would much more if they could. I know you know history; revisit what they did to Cromwell AFTER he was dead and buried.