Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Group Trap

 This 2/21/21 Reuters article could have been headlined "Transgender OathKeeper Turns Out to be Mole."

Briefly, OathKeepers were a component of the Capitol mob.  ("The Capitol Mob" sounds like a Sunday morning politics talk show, doesn't?)  She/he/? is pleading for home confinement bail because she/he/? is worried about rough treatment in jail.  She claims to have met with the Secret Service before the riot. The Secret Service gave one of those "We will not confirm it, but we will not quite deny it, in case she has proof we met" answers:

A Secret Service representative said it worked with government partners for security on Jan. 6, but added “any assertion that the Secret Service employed private citizens to perform those functions is false.”

Group trap: A friend who was an antiwar activist in the 1960s told me, "You could always tell who the FBI agent was; he was the one who thought burning down the ROTC building was a neat idea."  Any time you get together with a group intending civil disobedience or unlawful activity, you are opening yourself to informers or agent-provocateurs.  Read Joseph Conrad's  The Secret Agent (1907).  Lone wolves are the safest form of subversion.

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