Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Lessons From Rosa Parks and GameStop

My wife inspired me to use the example of how Jesus' emphasis on non-violent opposition inspired Thoreau and Gandhi.  Gandhi'si's economic resistance to the British salt tax is a direct inspiration.  We are obviously not going to pull a BLM/Antifa: burn down buildings and assault police officers.  The GameStop lesson is look for opportunities to damage the Fascists and their billionaire backers using their own mechanisms.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person on a privately owned bus, bringing the wrath of the legal system down on her.  So the black community withdrew their support from the bus company until it hurt.  This was not painless; they had to walk to work and back home, form carpools, and otherwise engage in lawful resistance.

There are multiple levels of services required.


What companies are woke? And what services by different names will they use to impose gleichschaltung?  YouTube for example.

 Cutting Out Amazon

We can do the same.  I do not see a value to antisocial media so dropping Facebook and Twitter costs me nothing.  Amazon is going to hurt; it is not the prices, which often match what you pay directly going to the manufacturer.  When I buy eyepiece caps from B&H Photo, or parts from Sherline, the price is the same as buying through Amazon, except for the shipping charges.  What I am giving up is the ease of going to one web site that keeps track of my past buying: when I need more shaving cream, I go to my order list and click the last time I ordered shaving cream from them.  One-click ordering, because they have my credit card information on file, makes this a trivial effort.

What we need is a website where you specify what you want (either specific product eyepiece caps, or a category, such as telescope accessories), and you get a list of direct vendors (perhaps with a button to filter out Chinese companies; this information can perhaps be determined by using nslookup).  The vendor list is obviously something determined by both user referral and searching with DuckDuckGo.  (Does anyone know who owns DuckDuckGo?)  It would be nice to filter by American-made products as well, but that may that may be too hard: most of Leupold's scopes are American-made, but not all.  Complicating this is that even American-made scopes usually use foreign lenses.  We can have users post reviews of products, shipping, and customer service.  

 How do we pay for this?  Subscription is obvious but unlikely to produce enough revenue; I suspect that at least some vendors might be willing to kickback some money as advertising revenue.


I am busy trying to migrate to WordPress.  I understand that WordPress is beginning to show signs of wokenness, removing the ungood from their free service.  It is possible to set up WordPress to store your blog on your own server with a bit more work than using their servers (still trying to figure this out).  If you don't use JetPack and perhaps other plugins which apparently phone home, this should make you independent of any future bending to the Fascist gleichschaltung (which word is now number one suggestion when you DuckDuckGo gleich).  If not, someone needs to capitalize development of a liberated Blogger alternative. 

This is a good idea anyway; the Blogger server is so overloaded this morning that what I type is not echoing back fast enough to be pleasant.  It reminds me of duplex mode on Teletypes; you typed a letter, but it did not type on the paper until the echo came back from the minicomputer.


Is there a liberated alternative?  If not build one.  And do not use AWS.


There are already many foreign based server companies and enough still independent U.S. server companies, that I am not immediately concerned about this. Still, we need to plan ahead; someone with the expertise needs to put together instructions for buying a PC-based, hopefully Linux server, configuring it on the Internet.  This allows a decentralized ungood network.


 If you are used to typing in a URL, you may not realize that this address is translated to an IP address (four 8 bit numbers separated by periods).  At some point the Fascists will start removing the unwoke from DNSs.  I do not know enough about the technical details of DNS to know how much work is required to create an alternative DNS.  Replace the primary DNS address with the free DNS address and we are visible.  DNSs copy from master DNSs, so copying and adding our domain names should be pretty simple.  This is likely most sensible as a subscription service. for those want visibility.


  1. Andrew Torba of Gab is way ahead of you. Gab IS the alternate social media, GabTV is up to replace YouTube, he's talking about a Gab Market as a future project which *may* be what you're looking for.

    Basically, #getonGab and start poking around. It is NOT a hotbed of Nazi types (but they are there). It's open and friendly, VERY Christian. If it's legal, it's allowed. Threats of violence and such are quickly handed off to the authorities.

    Keep in mind that you *will* be offended, at least at first. They have a Mute button for a reason. I've been there long enough that my feed is pretty well set and seldom offensive. The occasional rant that comes by I treat the way I would IRL - I ignore it. If the speaker pushes that stuff too much, I mute them.

    I'm there under my real name (same as on Twitter) - Steven Van Dyke

  2. I thought WordPress was Europe based. But, yeah, Europe is infested to.

    As a sign of Blogger creepiness, I went to log in to make the comment using a different browser. It gave me only one choice: use my google identity. Ugh.

  3. There is a project underway to make it easy for people to host inexpensive servers themselves for things like blogging, web pages, etc.

    It's Micronetia, and has a website at:

  4. WordPress is a PHP nightmare, and the hackers are taking note. And not just hacking the WP installation, but using WP to hack the server it is installed on.

    If you insist on running your own copy of WP you want to keep it as segregated from everything else you are doing as is possible.

    Some of the most recent hacks included remote code execution at the OS level.

    And they are woke. And they are more annoying the google when it comes to support right now.

    There are a number of 3rd parties supporting WP, but most of them are woke as well. Not all.

    There are also choices that are not Blogger and not WP. I looked at a few when I gave WP the heave-ho last year. I couldn't find any really free options. Most have a "get started for free" which is 2 months, sometimes less.