Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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 As much as I hate National Review for its Never-Trumpism, this article points out that V-C day uis coming and soon:

Rates of infection have retreated before, but this time will be different, because a colossal number of Americans (perhaps 120 million) have already been infected, because a very large number of Americans (65 million) have received a vaccine, and, crucially, because a major chunk of the people we would most like to get vaccinated (due to age or because they interact with lots of others) already have had their shot.

Everywhere the virus turns, it is looking at roadblocks. It has fewer and fewer avenues to destroy. The beast is being cornered. And the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be approved within days, with 20 million doses soon to be ready. With all of these weapons, and rapidly burgeoning infrastructure to deliver them to the target, getting 2 million people a day vaccinated is not a far-fetched goal. Even those who only get one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine will enjoy a terrific level of protection. As the distribution machinery starts to work more efficiently, we could get something like 180 million shots into arms this spring, on top of the 65 million jabs that have already been jabbed. It is not necessary for every last American to get a shot before the virus goes into its inevitable death spiral. These trends appear likely to cut it to shreds before the first really hot day arrives in the Northeast. Meanwhile, cases have fallen 75 percent from a peak seven-day average of a quarter of a million in January to 55,000 on February 22.



  2. National Review lately has had too much #NeverTrumpism, but it's still a worthwhile journal for conservatives. I wonder, though, if they will have enough subscribers to continue, after some of the more recent outrageous stuff.

    My theory is that the Review, like pretty much any major journal, is inhabited by swamp dwellers - which in this case means people who make their living as wordsmiths, and who hang out with others in that woke-infested profession. On top of that, few have seen life outside of college and punditry, so I think the Capitol riot overwhelmed their rather weak defenses - they weren't able to put it into context, or to consider that if it were a serious attempt to interfere with government - a true insurrection, where the hell were the guns?

    If you want an alternative, the Washington Examiner Magazine is worth trying. They bought The Weekly Standard's subscriber list when the Standard committed gruesome suicide with it's #NeverTrump madness. Other than being shills, to some extent, for unreliable energy sources, the Examiner is prettty good, and it is also weekly.

    Its writers don't speak with a single ideological voice, nor should they in my opinion. But I like it, and have subscribed ever since the Weekly Standard died its deserve death.