Thursday, February 25, 2021

PC broken

I bought an Edimax 1200ac USB WiFi because it was tiny and therefore easier to bring with me.  Performance initially was very good, then slowed down.  Maybe I should have installed the drivers that came with it.  That killed it and worse, Windows 10 System Restore rendered my PC unbootable (first disappointing time) nor is there anyway to restore the system image on my network hard drive.  I sure hope my daily backups preserved all my files.

Off to Geek Squad, hoping they can restore without a complete reinstall.

UPDATE: Geek Squad looked at the error code and said, "Looks like a bad device driver," so they think they can get that nasty Edimax driver out and my PC operational again. 

Not so simple.   They are backing up my entire drive and reinstalling Windows 10.  I will still need to reinstall all my applications,  but I had the good sense to move them all from the miscellaneous pit that is Downloads to their own directory. 

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