Saturday, February 20, 2021

Montana Constitutional Carry: State 18

 2/18\/21 Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed legislation on Thursday that will expand where gun owners may carry firearms.

House Bill 102 allows people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in most public settings, including banks and bars. Those with a permit will be able to carry in state and local government offices, as well.

The bill also limits restrictions the state university system can place on firearms on college campuses, including at Montana State University....

The university system initially raised questions about the bill, but on Thursday, Kevin McRae, deputy commissioner of higher education, said amendments made to the bill as it worked its way through the state Legislature “improved it in our view.”

The amendments include allowing the university system to restrict firearms at events staffed by university police, to require proof of firearms training and to delay the effective day to June 1 rather than upon Gianforte’s signing of the bill.


  1. These appeals are so poorly written. Okay, I know I'm dreaming if someone is just going to repeal the CCW statute entirely, but adding an exemption for anyone who can legally possess a firearm is just dumb, lazy, and politically cowardly, but then again these are politicians.

    Just repeal the law.

    Prohibited person's can't have a gun, period, so arrest them for that instead of CCW. Or at least re-word the statute that prohibited persons and those under 18 or whatever can't carry.

    I mean really people. You know who actually did repeal concealed carry laws? California in 1870 and Nevada in 1871. Boom, done, gone, off the books.


    1. Exempting persons who can lawfully possess is a way to demolish the, "Convicted murderers will be allowed to carry" claim.

    2. I know, it just irritates the purist in me.