Wednesday, February 17, 2021

You Left Them on the Grill Too Long

The Craigslist ad says "Concrete Steaks."

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  1. I've been quite successful in finding good tools, appliances, and building supplies on Craigslist. But when looking for trailers, I've discovered that there are sometimes just as many trailors. Likewise for refridgerators, also called friges, both outnumber refrigerators and fridges. New-England-way you will find furniture that has draws instead of drawers. In short, if there is a common misspelling of the item's name, you should search on that word also.
    I had a housemate who (it turns out) is dyslexic. In our time together he was unable to convince me that -- so long as I understood the note he left for me -- it did not matter how the words were spelt. And I was unable to convince him that this poor spelling would be a lifelong handicap if he didn't try harder. He ended up marrying one of his employees who was a good writer and corrects all of his correspondence before it goes out, so I guess I was had the wrong end of the stick on that.
    At any rate, I don't equate 'good spelling' with 'good person', and sometimes there are deals to be had on craigslist . . .