Sunday, February 28, 2021

Geek Squad Done With My PC

Windows 10 boots up.  Of course I still have to reinstall all the dozens of applications that I had working three days ago.  The vast majority were free, so there are no license keys to hunt down.  It will still be a bit of work, but all the installers are on the 1TB hard drive to which they backed up my SSD, so it should be a pretty simple if slow process.  Then I system image everything to a 1 TB hard disk that I have lying around so that I can boot from it if I ever have a disaster like this again.

My annual membership with Geek Squad is well worth it.

But what pain it is reinstalling everything, discovering that stuff that I thought that I bought was apparently an annual subscription, but no longer valid because I did a fresh install; stuff that is no longer supported such as the WD MyCloud software which is now replaced by Acronis True Image, no easier to use but different.

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  1. Have you ever amortized all of the time and money that you have spent on keeping Windows machines running? I currently use a 2006 Macbook Pro and a 7 year old Mac desktop. Not. One. Problem. In my entire use of either of them.