Monday, February 22, 2021

Interesting Solution

 I mentioned a while back that as disturbing as the various civil war scenarios are, the big problem with secession is that large numbers of Red State Americans are dependent on their Social Security checks.  I am imaging an independent nation that can be pretty sure that the rump USA is going to stop issuing those payments.  In addition, I expect that without the restraints imposed by the Red States, the rump USA would rapidly go bankrupt, paying reparations to blacks for slavery; Indians for land theft (even though much of it was purchased, often under less then honest circumstances on both sides of the table); reparations to LGBTQABCDEFG for 250 years of oppression; destruction of any remaining industry to meet nonsensical climate change lies and strengthen the Chinese economy towards the left's long-tem goal: the end of American leadership to Chinese hegemony..

Bu there would be a solution.  Much of the Western U.S. is federally owned land.  Some of it is national parks which will remain tourist attractions and thus income sources for the new nation.  But most BLM land could be auctioned off.  Ranchers use most of that land now and often at subsidized rental rates.  The environmentalists who have for 30 years been most upset with those ranchers might put their billions to work buying much of that land.  People who want a square mile to avoid neighbors with their stereos turned up too loud would also be buyers. 

Many military bases would likely be of value for their current use to the new nation.  Some would be surplus, and because of airstrips, hangars and other support infrastructure would be of value to companies relocating to the new less regulated nation.

National forests would also be of value, both to developers building 40 acre high end homes, and likely some forestry companies.  The environmentalists are also free to bid with their billions.

More exploitation of mineral resources the left has been locking up over the last 40 years would also produce income.  Building a dam across the Snake River would produce hydropower for sale to "green" California, and by controlling the flow into the Columbia River, provide leverage on Oregon and Washington State concerning finances, and provide irrigation water for Idaho and Nevada.  (I am thinking of a really tall dam.)  The Snake River Gorge south of Boise just screams for it.  The Colorado River's water flow to California would do likewise.

I think enough money could be raised to replace much of the current Social Security income stream.

I hope it does not come to this, but I fear nothing short of civil war or secession will cause the left to stop its campaign for racial oppression and economic collapse.

Keep in  mind that secession does not qualify as treason.  Making war with the national government would.  The first Civil War started because South Carolina attacked a U.S. fort.  Simply blockading U.S. bases would likely either bring the U.S. government to abandon those bases, or force negotiate a settlement.


  1. There are numerous hydro dams across the Snake....then there is the Grand Coulee, on the Columbia but fed by the Snake

  2. much of what folks term "BLM Land" is actually states land that is administered by the BLM.

    This was part of the issue in the Bundy Ranch debacle some years ago.

  3. Blue states would collapse rapidly as the policies they have initiated in their major cities have destroyed them. Add to this the frenzy of "two minutes of hate" that the Left embraces so reverently would cause them to eat each other quickly. They support nothing, create nothing, they are the locusts of humanity.