Monday, December 28, 2020

More Evidence of Death Inflation

Washington's Freedom Foundation has been asking the Washington State Department of Health to clarify how their COVID-19 death counts are calculated.  The question:

3. What is the source of death counts reported on the DOH COVID-19 dashboard?

The answer:

Deaths are reported initially through EDRS. These deaths are linked to positive COVID cases in WDRS through name and date of birth. Any individual who has a positive COVID-19 test and subsequentlydies is counted on the dashboards.

This is consistent with the experiences of coroners in other states seeing gunshot and traffic accident deaths reported as COVID-19 deaths because they tested positive at some point in time. 

This does not make it a hoax, but at least 13% of Washington State's COVID-19 deaths seem not to be COVID-19 deaths.  This inflation of the numbers makes a lot of people invoke falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, even if they do not know Latin.

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