Monday, December 14, 2020

Devastating Forensic Analysis of Voting Machine Fraud

This is in Antrim County, Michigan,  but likely a problem everywhere.   The election was stolen. 


  1. I am not usually a cynical person but I have to ask if you think that report will make even a little difference. The Supreme Court has one job: to protect and defend the Constitution interpreting its meaning in cases of disputes. By not taking Texas' case of obvious unconstitutional (not to mention corrupt) actions taken in several states, by a 7 - 2 majority, they have said those Constitutional issues don't matter and by the way, we don't really care how honestly a state or city runs their elections.

    I pray to God that I will soon have to eat those words and I will gladly do it if I'm proven wrong but even so, the problem isn't only the SCOTUS but so many institutions that are supposed to protect civil society and the nation as a whole.

  2. I suspect Trump's appointees are afraid of being called syncophants, or genuinely think Texas should not be trying to dictate procedures in other States, which the Voting Rights Act had done to Texas, among others.

  3. I know it's American tradition that each municipality handles its own voting, but it has left us vulnerable to the weaknesses of lowest bidder, untested systems. It's time to standardize, and to low-tech means that require humans to confirm the results.