Tuesday, December 8, 2020


I have used the free version for some time to find and remove malware.  It is a little awkward to remember to run it periodically.  Because my wife's is especially prone to this (why, oh why does anyone put malware in song lyrics webpages) I thought I would buy the Premium version that intercepts stuff as it comes in.  My PC started to hang.   Even Ctl Alt Del did nothing.   I found that if I caught it just after it started,  and removed Malwarebytes before it had a chance to start some ugly process in background, it worked again.  So i installed the free version which had the same version number.  I should have noticed that.   Same behavior.   When searching for information on this,  I found others having the same problem.   I think that I have two days later,  restored my system.  Windows System Restore is slow but it is way better than reinstalling.  Make sure you create system restore points when everything is working.


  1. Wondered where you’d been. Don’t scare us so badly.
    Another blogger I follow has disappeared for two months. He’s well into his seventies, has health issues, and lost his wife last year. That’s a real triple whammy.

  2. Malwarebytes has worked fine for me on my Windows systems (all of them are now upgraded to version 10) for several years. I have no clue as to why you may be having problems.

    MY systems in include a Lenovo E531 laptop with and Intel i7 and two home built systems using AMD CPUs.

  3. MWB free has always worked for me. Win 10 at present.

  4. I have a Win7 laptop that I was using the free MWbYTES program on. Caught a virus that immediately changed all the addresses of the MWB program. Can't start the antivirus scan, can't load another copy due to it doing the same thing as it did to the original program. I have to go in and change every address back to the correct version to fix it, it seems.