Monday, December 21, 2020

Sanity in Britain

12/15/20 BBC article about British government scrapping unconscious bias training and encouraging other public sector employers to do likewise. Why it does nor change biases and provokes backlash.   Some of the crap that I have seen would make me very angry if I were insecure or worried about being able to get another job.   As faster as I can tell much of the unconscious bias out there is imaginary.   Of course,  when I started working there was still conscious bias and sometimes there was not an effort to hide it. 

I was an employment agent for a few years.  The Human Relations Manager at one government contractor asked me to help her find a new job so she could blow the whistle on the Engineering Manager who told her not to bring her any resumes of blacks or Mexicans,  and that women were good for only two things: filling and I think tough can guess the other f-word.  (Saying this to a woman tells me that this guy was nor going to have a good time with EEOC after she was out the door.  It was very nice to find her a new job,  make a few thousand dollars, help sink this creep. 

Yes,  I saw a lot of government ordered racism, too, often so silly and offensive that it seemed as though the KKK was running EEOC.  In a few cases, it clearly injured the minorities it was "helping."

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  1. I support “critical molester theory” that holds that all liberals are child molesters. Even if we don’t have specific evidence of the behavior, we know what they are thinking and what they want, and what their ancestors did, and the damage it has caused throughout history. Until they confess and accept their true nature, no progress can be made. When they protest and say that they never did that and never thought that, we the true elite can smile knowingly, because we know the real truth.