Thursday, December 31, 2020

A Red Flag Law Should Have Caught This Guy, But They Don't Care About Crazies With Bombs

 12/29/20 WKRN:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Federal investigators are looking into evidence the Antioch man who detonated a bomb in downtown Nashville Christmas morning had spent time hunting for alien life forms in a nearby state park and was interested in “lizard people,” according to law enforcement sources.

The sources told ABC News that Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, may have been motivated, at least in part, by “paranoia over 5G technology,” but that they also found writings that contained ramblings about assorted conspiracy theories, including the idea of shape-shifting reptilian creatures that appear in human form and attempt world domination.

Federal agencies are working to figure out if the beliefs somehow contributed to Warner detonating a bomb inside of an RV parked near Second Avenue North and Commerce Street around 6:30 a.m. Friday, killing himself, injuring three others and damaging more than 40 buildings.

Do ya think there might be a connection?  Do they shape-shift into Democrats?


  1. I have to oppose "red flag" laws. They're like requiring literacy- or knowledge-tests for voting. At first glance they might look attractive, but they're almost certain to be abused. Even worse, the abusers won't feel even a smidgen of guilt; they'll instead feel full of righteous virtue for their actions against the various deplorable enemies of Enlightened Civilization.

    Also, after the past four years, why should we trust anything said by FBI agents or any other federal investigators, including the words "the" and "and"?

  2. Red flag laws do nothing about mass murder with arson, vehicles, knives, and explosives which makes them irrelevant to about 1/3 of mass murders.

    1. And that’s before the substitution effect. If dedicated potential mass murderers can’t get guns, some of them will use alternative methods.

  3. An odd thing about conspiracy theorists - they usually are not insane. They are just illogical about certain theories - they have an aversion to logic only about conspiracy theories.

    Of course, blowing oneself up like that is not a sign of sanity.

  4. Maybe he watched too many episodes of "V". /S

  5. Will the FBI ever discern, or deign to tell us mere mortals, what the motive of the shooter at the Mandalay Bay Massacre in Las Vegas three years ago was.

  6. "Shape-shifting reptiloid conspiracy" is the work of David Icke. He claims that most prominent people, including the British royal family, are reptiloids. He's also virulently anti-semitic, which gets him points with some "woke" types.

  7. Tennessee doesn't have a red flag law. The GOP legislature won't vote for one