Saturday, December 19, 2020

Proving Once Again That Orwell Was Right

 College Fix shows a list of words and phrases that IT at the University of Michigan are not to use, supplied by the Words Matter Task Force.  Some are silly, but I can understand why wokesters are concerned: whitelist, blacklist (how will I ever teach 20th century American history?), "black-and-white thinking," "crack the whip."  "Brown bag" is now "lunch and learn" but that's not even a valid replacement.  These wokesters do not know enough to realize that a "brown bag lunch" is not only not Hispanic, but implies nothing about learning.  But "picnic"?  What have I missed on this?  Do people of color and constantly changing self-identity not picnic?


  1. About "picnic"...
    Etymologically speaking, picnic — from the French words pique-nique — is nothing more than a potluck dinner. Yet when Southern white people made lynchings a regular occurrence at picnics, the word took on a different meaning for Black Americans.

    “The word, picnic, carries with it the memory that there was a time when white folks gathered to eat outside, burning black flesh would be on the menu,” explained Treva Lindsey, an associate professor of women’s studies at Ohio State University.

    1. I guess that I missed that connection, because of the many dozens of lynching news stories that I have read, none were considered family events. I have READ that they often were, but it is not showing in coverage that I have read.