Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Concept: Hokey. Result: Entertaining

 It was a free sci-fi movie on YouTube, so I started it while on the treadmill.  The Enterprise task force is sunk off North Korea.  Someone has mastered stealth technology for a surface ship and a directed EMP.  They are using it to attack U.S. and South Korean targets.  Who are the obvious bad guys?  

Pretty much all of our supposedly EMP-hardened electronics on which our modern armed forces rely no longer works, including our fly-by-wire aircraft.  

Fortunately, the USS Iowa is on a world farewell cruise, headed to a final berth as a museum.  Curators are busy returning it to World War II technology.  EMP?  What's that?  

So why is it sci-fi?  Someone is trying to start World War III to take over the smoldering ashes.  Really great fun, and nice use of file footage and it appears some video games okay simulation of an Iowa-class battleship.

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  1. Same premise as the Battlestar Galactica TV series.