Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Too Weird to Believe

12/28/20 College Fix reports on a threat to sue University of Rhode Island if they do not discriminate based on race:

“Some Black, White and Latino students shall join in another class action lawsuit if the next URI President is not an African-American with an ancestry to slavery,” read the list of demands put out by the Diversity Think Tank at the University of Rhode Island.

The complete list of demands spans 46 different points of contention over nearly 15,000 words.

“And, if anyone reading this asks why the next president of URI must be an African-American but has never questioned why URI has had 128-years of white presidents then you must be a racist,” it states....

“Current recruitment firm for senior leadership must change immediately. Current recruiting firm is using the same racist procedures and embedded discriminatory practices that have produced the same all-White leadership at URI for 128 years,” read the opening of this particular demand.

“All current search committees that have produced the same URI senior leaders for 128 years without a single African-American, Latino, Native American or African-American with an ancestry to slavery must be disbanded with immediate effect.”

If racism is a factor, I would look at the small number of black Ph.D.s over the last 128 years, before assuming racism in search process.

“Even Prof. Louis Fosu, experienced what he characterizes as the refined asphyxiation of Black intellect at URI, after he was informed by the Criminal Justice Department Chair in 2018 that there was nothing he could teach in URI’s all-white Criminal Justice Department,” the grievance states. “The entire URI Criminal Justice department is the epitome of institutional and structural racism at URI and needs a complete overhaul and critical restructuring of curriculum, staff and hiring practices.”

If I applied to teach in my college's Criminal Justice Department, I am quite sure that I would get no classes to teach: my MA is in the wrong field.

Other demands and from the activists include tenure for all Latino and black professors and more scholarships for racial minorities.

Automatic tenure based on race.  Why do I think of the National Socialist Aryanization of German universities?  Amazingly, the University is telling them where to put their proposal.


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  1. That's easy. In the same time period that Arab slavers sold 400,000 African slaves to North American slave owners, the also took over a million white slaves into North African slavery. Ergo, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans need not apply.