Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Looking for bipods for a QD swivel rifle and AR-15 pattern rifle (no Picatinny rail).  Amazon has both Harris and Magpul bipods (I assume American made).  I suspect the Magpul is pretty decent quality.  I know Harris bipods are just awesome, but a bit more expensive.  Curiously cheap what appears to be a copy of the Harris is CVLife, which I am sure must be ChiCom made, but made of carbon fiber, so really light.

Magpul, Harris, UTG (all USA made): experience?


  1. I've been using a Caldwell bipod I bought from Midway several years ago. I'm very happy with it.


  2. I bought an UTG bipod from Amazon because it has an adapter for use with both a rail, and a QD swivel.
    It folds and unfolds, the adjustments work OK, but the only use so far is a few rounds of 5.56.
    UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, Height 8.0-12.4"
    After I installed a free float handquard, I bought a UTG bipod that attaches to the sides of the handguard via the slots.
    It attached easily, seems fine, but it has only had a few rounds fire over it at an indoor range.
    (UTG Recon Flex M-LOK(R) Bipod, Matte Black, Cent. Ht. 5.7"-8" )

  3. I have both Magpul and Harris, both are excellent and either would do the job.

  4. I bought a Blackhawk from MidwayUSA recently for cheap. It looks about as nice as my Harris. But they're no longer on sale.