Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sing Along with the Bee Gees: "Tragedy"

12/1/2020 Slate warns that the whole progressive agenda is in danger because Trump's appointees to the Court look unfavorably on the delegation of executive power doctrine, which allows Congress to pass laws without identifying precisely what needs to be fixed and telling the "experts" to make the rules. 

Just think!  Congress might have to think out the details and be responsible for what they do!  You can see why there is progressive panic!

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  1. It's a failure of checks and balances. The idea was that Congress would jealously cling to its powers against usurpation by the executive branch bureaucracy. But instead Congress is glad to pass vague feel-good laws and let the faceless bureaucrats take the heat for the hard parts of their implementation.

    Of course it only became a big problem after the spoils system was thrown out in favor of a permanent professional apolitical civil service. But also of course the spoils system was completely horrible and the progressive-blessed permanent civil service is a blessing. We are all taught so in public schools set up by those progressives and run by those professional bureaucrats.