Wednesday, December 9, 2020

It Sounds Like Biden is Serious About Unifying Americans, But Not How He Thinks

 12/9/20 Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden plans to move quickly against guns, adding the issue to his list of first executive orders, according to his top policy aide.

Stef Feldman, the national policy director of Biden's presidential campaign, included the Democrat’s gun plan in a list of initial executive actions set to be unleashed after Inauguration Day....

While he calls his plan one aimed at ending “gun violence,” most of Biden’s ideas amount to limiting what people can buy or have. For example, he wants to end the sale of AR-15-style firearms (the most popular in the nation), regulate those that people already have, and limit the size of magazines those guns use.

Almost half the voters already think Beijing Biden cheated and now he wants to end sales and limit magazine size?  President Biden, you and what army?  There are at least 20 million AK and AR pattern rifles in America, and vast numbers of Americans with handguns that came with 17 round magazines.  Any attempts at confiscation will result in at least .1% of those 20 million surrendering their guns one bullet at a time.  All of us know at least one fellow gun owner who is going to go over the top on this.  Most will likely die under the combined force of a federal LEO SWAT team, but if even 10% of that .1% of 20 million end up killing a federal LEO, 20,000 LEOs will not go home, and many of the others will start to think HARD about the legality of their orders and whether their pensions are worth leaving widows and orphans.  

In response to a few well-publicized raids, federal buildings will become free fire zones.  Five riflemen (all working independently) with .308 and bigger will easily shut down a federal building from 500 meters away.  I suspect any federal employees not already Zooming to work will stop showing up to work.  I can hardly wait for Biden to explain why Trump sending federal LEOs into Portland was tyranny, but calling out the Army is not.


  1. Almost certainly ruled unconstitutional long before then.

  2. I am one of those gun owners that is "over the top" on this.

    > Most will likely die under the combined force of a federal LEO SWAT team,

    As long as each one of us takes one with us, by day three there won't BE any SWAT teams left.