Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Why Do People Believe These Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About COVID-19?

 It is all a hoax.  There are tracking devices in the vaccine.  All the witnesses to voter fraud are perjuring themselves.

Gee, could four years of wild conspiracy theories (Russian collusion with Trump to steal the 2016 election sourced from the Clinton campaign; the short-lived Ukraine scandal; Kavanaugh was a rapist and all those men from back then were liars; the women with whom he had worked who gave him glowing testimonials: all liars).

A whole movement that spent the last 50 years whining that the FBI was a political hit squad going after antiwar activists and the Black Panthers for political reasons (and they did), that the NSA was tapping phones for improper reasons, and the CIA was a bunch of torturers overturning democratic governments (and they did, including the one closest to home).  Now all these organizations can be trusted?

Please: Democrats, consider what you made respectable thinking.

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