Thursday, September 5, 2019

Why Universal Background Checks Do Not Work


  1. I think universal background checks could help. Nothing "works" - almost all policy operates on the margins, shifting statistics in the right direction if it works.

    But.. if the dems are serious, they should implement the background checks with the following procedures - which they will never do:

    1) The government should pay for the background check
    2) The system should be available to anyone who wants to use it
    3) No records should be kept except about denials, and those should be appealable. And, since we can't trust them, the whole system, including the source code and configuration, should be examinable by anyone who wants to do so.

  2. Complete agreement. The gun buyer and seller get nothing from it. The general public are the beneficiaries so they pay for it. Nothing but denial records kept makes it less likely to lead to confiscation (and therefore they will reject it).