Monday, September 2, 2019

Criminals do not follow Laws

9/1/19 Austin Statesman reports the recent shooter failed a gun background check. 
So any guess how he got the gun?  I doubt he obtained it any way but feloniously.


  1. The article mentions misdemeanors, but nothing about felonies or background checks. Had it changed since you saw it?

  2. Today (9/3/2019) NBC news is reporting the murderer bought the gun through a private sale. We are SCREWED!!!!!!

    I have long worried about that happening. I have personally resolved if I sold a gun in a private sale I would have to see an Idaho CCW permit or no sale. Or try to do it at an FFL. I understand some will do that.

    This incident may very well give the repeal the 2nd crowd the ammo they are seeking. Our only hope will be SCOTUS saying any new laws are unconstitutional.

    BTW, all groceries, and non gun related stores and Amazon are openly hostile as well. I can’t see a way to boycott and not be helping the enemy. That is boycott everyone or just forget It. Am I missing something?

  3. At worst, this becomes an argument for mandatory background checks.

  4. Mandatory background checks for all transfers would depend on universal registration of all guns. Otherwise how would you enforce (or punish) transfers done without the check?

    Now of course any gun purchased from an FFL in the past 20 years is in a sense registered since those records are still available. So a private transfer could indentify the original owner. I look for that list to no longer be purged after 20 years. No doubt that is how they tracked the seller in the latest.

    Even more worrisome I expect a law that requires the owner of any firearms to register all of them. Failure to do so results in a felony. I believe that is the ultimate outcome and goal of "universal background checks." Then you have "electronic " records which they will also push for. Then comes the SQL SELECT AR-15 to generate the first list demanding those be handed over.

    Naturally those otherwise inclined to criminal intentions won't comply, but everyone else who fears losing their family, home, money, job, incarceration, etc will likely comply. I suppose the only hope is enough millions of good people to refuse so that they will be ready for Civil War II.

    Dark clouds ahead.

  5. Registration is the whole purpose of mandatory background checks: to delude the general public into believing gun confiscation is practical. The real argument we need to make is that criminally misused guns are rarely purchased from private parties. Burglary, theft, strawman purchases, and purchase from criminal organizations are far more common, and already felonies.

  6. Clayton, I agree, but unfortunately the latter arguments are also used by the banners for increased ownership restrictions.

  7. Restricting ownership to reduce guns acquired by burglary makes as much sense as curfews for women to protect them from rape.

  8. Instead of universal background checks it would be better to advocate comprehensive background checks. Background checks should be preformed for gun sales, and voting registration, all license applications,all people running for office, and all who are applying for any immigration status. That is the compromise to offer the Democrats.