Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We Aren't the Only Nation Worried About China

9/24/19 Sydney Morning Herald:
Australia is the pioneer of a global anti-China campaign, a high-level Chinese embassy delegation has claimed, as relations between the two countries fall to among the worst in the developed world.
Accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of showing "the US view through his mouth", the delegation said Mr Morrison's criticism of China from the US had not helped a relationship frozen by "groundless" allegations of foreign interference in Australian politics.
Why you would be worried about an aggressive totalitarian nation that has locked up hundreds of thousands of people for being the wrong ethnic group, just escapes me.

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  1. wait until they discover China has been secretly funding the Australian gun control movement. The day they discover 20,000 Chinese troops in Darwin, is the day the Auzie media takes a different view on the destruction of the 500,000 military serviceable arms for gun control.