Sunday, September 22, 2019

Clearing a Pistol in the Holster

I know there is a way to do this.  Video? Imagine a police officer wants to hold your gun during a traffic stop. Probably not ever going to happen, but nice to know how.


  1. If a police officer requires you to surrender your firearm during an encounter, it is a fool's errand to do anything else except to tell him to retrieve it.

    I WILL NOT put my hand anywhere near a firearm during a traffic stop (or similar encounter), regardless of instructions to do so.

    "Officer, with all due respect, I prefer that you retrieve the firearm..." said with my hands folded in front of my chest.

  2. BFR: Agreed. There might still be circumstances where this would be a useful skill.

  3. I had to suddenly secure firearms in a locked cabinet prior to leaving my apartment, which was full of police. I had a loaded Glock in a dresser. I told the cop to retrieve the gun and clear it, then hand it to me to put in a locked cabinet.
    This he had no problem with, and there was no drama. I think BFRs advice is sound.