Friday, September 6, 2019

I Had a Lovely Time in Salt Lake City; Cats, Dinosaurs, and Holsters

The Hogue Zoo is impressive.  The Arabian Sand Cats are so cute.

There is a story here.  My wife and I have pet names for each other: Lion and Arabian Sand Cat.  (People said when we married in 1980 that this cross-species pairing would never work.  Pshaw!)  And I bet Arabian Sand Cats could be about as easily domesticated and tamed as my wife.

The Museum of Early Life ditto.  For some reason the water lizards of the Mesozoic freak my daughter out more than the dinosaurs.  (Plesiosaurs are not actually dinosaurs.)

In-N-Out awesome.  Not special, but a nice change from the typical national chain burger joint.

I carried the whole trip, and I am sure no one else knew.  A Hawaiian shirt worn outside the pants provides plenty of flowing material for my Mustang carried in the holster I reviewed here.  The holster also locks it down very securely and discretely.  I mentioned in that review that as tight as the holster was to the gun, I would still prefer a retention strap.  When sitting down on a toilet, the value is especially apparent.  Still, a very nice holster.  I should wear a T-shirt under the Hawaiian shirt  to reduce rubbing against my skin.  I am glad it is stainless steel.

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