Friday, September 6, 2019

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Chick-fil-A opens 1st Toronto location to adoring customers, angry protesters...
While the restaurant's grand opening was marred by protests, dozens more who waited in line said they were unbothered by the controversy.
"I've always wanted to try it, and the fact that it's opening in Toronto, I'm so excited," said Amanda Luciano, who joined the lineup at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday.
As a commentor observed:
If anything, what this article does is tell people who had never previously heard of Chik fil A that people are willing to stand in line to eat there. If I enjoyed fried chicken after reading this article I would be tempted to try it.
The protestors were not smart enough to figure out that they were offering free publicity, in the process helping to build interest 
Fortunately, progressives are not too bright.  When they start a civil war, they are going to be surprised at how quickly their cute slogans won't bring oil, food, car mechanics, or plumbers in from Deploraville.


  1. The biggest blind spot in progressive thinking is the utter failure to understand how people react to things. That's why their economic policies are so destructive. It's why their foreign policy doesn't work.

    And at the theoretical level, the fundamental flaw in progressivism, dating to Rousseau, is a flawed understanding of human nature, all the way back to the denial of original sin - i.e. the progressive believe that all human behavior is a result of the environment, which can be changed to fix all human problems. Stalin (via Lysenko and mass murder) and Pol Pot (via mass murder) were informed by that dangerous belief. It's also why they were so fond of Freud's ideas, and remain fond of his successors in psychgology.

  2. Complete agreement. The historian Page Smith's history of the Constitution admitted that his sympathies were with progressives, but the sinful nature of mankind reflected in the Founders' thinking was a more accurate set of ideas.