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Chicago, ST (1896)
1/12/1896: Man “thought by the by police to have been insane, killed himself, wife, and five children.”  He turned on the illuminating gas and everyone died.  He had written letters detailing his plans to the police chief and a local newspaper.  The newspaper received the letter quickly enough to send out a reporter who interviewed him and reported that “he had no intention of killing anybody and who seemed to be in good spirits.”
Category: family
Suicide: yes
Cause: mental illness
Weapon: poison[1]

Chicago, Ill. (1896)
Jan. 12, 1896, Man “by turning on the gas, wiped out [his] family of wife and five children.”
Category: Family.
Suicide: Yes.
Cause: mental illness
Weapon: poison [2]

[1] “Insane Man’s Crime,” [Maysville, Ky.] Evening Bulletin, Jan. 14, 1896, 1.
[2] “Family Blotted Out,” Indianapolis Journal, Feb. 6, 1896, 1.

Same day, city, method, number killed.

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