Thursday, September 5, 2019

Google Delenda Est

A year or so ago, I replaced the dumb base stereo in my wife's Jeep Renegade with a Pioneer AVX with CD player.  And yes, once Bluetooth-linked to our phones, we could press one button on the stereo and say, "Call Hilary" and boom, it called our daughter.  Suddenly, in the last month or two, pressing the call button causes a voice to blurt out from the phone about not being able to connect with headsets.  Google Assistant seems to be wanting to be in charge.  So we disabled Google Assistant, and it just turns itself back on.  I am trying this suggestion next:
You can uninstall the assistant app and then DISABLE the Google App. This will solve your issues.
How to STOP Google Assistant "Turn on Assistant" notice!
Step 1
Uninstall Google Assistant app
Step 2 (not Rooted)
Disable the Google app
    Setting->apps -> apps info -> Google
     Force Stop + Disable
Step 3
Enjoy freedom from the assistant annoying notification and Google's bloat app!
**Google uses it's Google App to annoy the heck out of you about the Assistant. The Google App 100% not needed and safe to disable!
It appears that Google made Assistant into a really annoying pest in some recent upgrade of Android, doubtless to increase ad revenue or track what gun ranges (formal or not) we go to!  (Just kidding about that part, I think.)

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