Wednesday, September 18, 2019

USB Microscope

Not enough resolution to read microprint cards with any useful quality.  Focus is rough, and glare from light is a problem. 
Not even close to the advertised 250x.  Not even useful for grandkid science teaching. Finally found brightness control.  Eliminated the glare, but still not 250x.


  1. Not having any microprint cards handy, I had to guesstimate the page size, but it looks like they're each about 0.4x0.5 inches, with ~0.8 point type. If so, that's doable with any 10+ megapixel digital camera that takes screw-on filters (like the Raynox DC-250, $65 on Amazon).


  2. Setup a copy stand with a digital camera. You can then zoom in on the image.

  3. Using a 16MP camera produces nothing useful.

  4. I had some luck with scanning a small tab (the one under the buttplate of a K31) with a scanner and then looking at the resulting image. This might work well with microprint.