Wednesday, September 18, 2019

USB Microscope

Not enough resolution to read microprint cards with any useful quality.  Focus is rough, and glare from light is a problem. 
Not even close to the advertised 250x.  Not even useful for grandkid science teaching. Finally found brightness control.  Eliminated the glare, but still not 250x.


J Greely said...

Not having any microprint cards handy, I had to guesstimate the page size, but it looks like they're each about 0.4x0.5 inches, with ~0.8 point type. If so, that's doable with any 10+ megapixel digital camera that takes screw-on filters (like the Raynox DC-250, $65 on Amazon).


Unknown said...

Setup a copy stand with a digital camera. You can then zoom in on the image.

Clayton Cramer said...

Using a 16MP camera produces nothing useful.

Paul said...

I had some luck with scanning a small tab (the one under the buttplate of a K31) with a scanner and then looking at the resulting image. This might work well with microprint.