Thursday, September 19, 2019

Trump Playing 3D Chess

9/18/19 Breitbart presents a very worrying headline:
White House, DOJ Gun Control Proposal Includes Universal Background Checks
But what is proposed is a requirement that "commercial sales" by those who lack an FFL would have to run background checks.  But federal law already says that if you do sales of firearms as a business, for the purpose of profit, you must have an FFL.  Such sales without an FFL are felonies.  So this proposal apparently requires felons to perform background checks.  If such a commercial seller asks for a background check, they are admitting they are engaged in a felony, and such an admission is self-incriminating.  Punishing such sellers for asking for a background check violates the Fifth Amendment.  This proposal appears to not apply to private party sales except for those buying guns to resell privately for profit: strawman sellers, a felony.

So why this proposal?  The gun control crowd won't buy it, and Trump can say, "We tried, but they said No."


  1. What, exactly, it this buying him?

    Every day, every week this drags on, will he or won't he push a set of Intolerable Acts, drains more and more energy, enthusiasm, and support from the nation's non-Fudd gun owners, who voted for him in part so we wouldn't have to worry about more gun control coming from the Oval Office. If he comes up with zilch, that won't buy him anything with the suburban swing voters who are supposed to be the object of this exercise.

    Although I seriously doubt that's the real reason, it's become crystal clear Trump knowing nothing about us, cares nothing about us, dislikes pretty much everything specific about us and our guns (way, way too many comments like how he "doesn't like silencers at all", he's made clear he still wants "assault weapons" banned, etc.), while "muh Constitution" insisting the 2nd Amendment much be protected. Anyone with hears to hear realizes we can't believe a word he says, including "and" and "the".

    He's a NYC liberal Democrat Boomer of a generation ago, which today makes him a literally worse than Hitler Nazi, but doesn't make him a man of the right, or our friend at all. It's sobering to contemplate what he'll do if he gets reelected and has more "flexibility".

  2. But this proposal solves the imaginary "gun show loophole".

  3. Karhu: What this buys him is that when the Democrats claim he opposed expanded background checks, which enjoy widespread ignorant support, he can say "Yes, I did, but Democrats said no."