Sunday, September 8, 2019

Startup Debris

While chasing down why Thunderbird was making my PC crawl and grovel, I thought to look at the startup programs that run automatically when Windows starts.  One in particular was annoying me to update YTD Downloader.  Unfortunately, AVG Antivirus claims that update contains malware, so I am not getting a new update until the current version stops working.  But why not see what other startup programs might be slowing down startup and leaving stuff running in background.  One item was labelled iSkySoftware, which is associated with some audio editing software that I briefly tried but no longer have installed.  When I uninstalled it, the startup program did not leave.  Also, I do not use Microsoft OneDrive, so one more unneeded startup program gobbling resources is now disabled.

Thanks for the suggestion to use cccleaner.  Perhaps is much improved.  I used to use it, but I would forget to tell it to leave my cookies and cache alone.


  1. I found a process running which kept the hard drive caching constantly... it was trying to predict what was going to happen next and the computer was quite slow and clunky despite being a fast computer when new. Once I disabled the offending caching service (through the registry) the computer was like new again.

  2. Try using CC:Cleaner to clear out junk like that