Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Could I Forget

9/11: if you had told me that 18 years later, that Jew hating Muslims would be sitting in Congress, I would have said, "That is not even remotely possible."  But when the American haters control the media, what is not possible?


  1. They made up the term muslim. I refuse to allow moslem enemies of western civilization to define the terms used to describe their political death cult.

    So,they are moslems, because it pisses them off.

    They have been at war with we infidels for 1,400 years.

    We just need to read history without the awful lens of leftist groupthink between the words in books and our minds.

    islam is not a religion. Religions do not enforce conversion or death. Islam does.

  2. Who'd have thunk that seven years after 9/11, the president's name would rhyme with Osama?

  3. Who would have thunk that Whites would be a hated and legally-discriminated-against minority in their own countries?