Monday, September 9, 2019

I Would Like to Think That Such a Case Would Not Be This Poorly Examined Today

Alma, Wisc. (1896)
3/6/1896: Initially though to be accidental deaths caused by a house fire, exhumation of the Oldhouse family found that the father had two bullet holes in his skull, “the mother’s skull had been crushed, and that the head of one of the children had been crushed in.”  Someone murdered the entire family of seven, perhaps for a large sum of money Mr. Oldhouse had recently received from sale of his farm, which was not found in the ruins.  “[T]he family was to have started west on the day following the fire.”
Category: family non-resident
Suicide: no
Cause: robbery
Weapon: firearm, blunt object[1]

[1] “Entire Family Murdered,” [Maysville, Ky.] Evening Bulletin, Mar. 25, 1896, 1.


  1. Was It a "Man on the Train" murder??

  2. Good question. I might know more in about a week. I ordered that book yesterday.