Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Crazy is Strong in This One

9/26/18 Daily Wire:
Michael Avenatti released his "very credible" witness on Wednesday alleging that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh participated in a gang rape ring when he was just 15 years old in the early 1980's.
Avenatti's client, Julie Swetnick, claims that she attended not just one, but several parties where women were drugged with spiked drinks and then raped by scores of boys. Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were allegedly "present" at these parties; Swetnick does not claim Kavanaugh assaulted her or participated in the gang rapes, nor does she name a single person beyond Kavanaugh and Judge. Not a single corroborating witness has come forward to support these wild claims that somehow escaped six FBI background checks.
She attended several of these parties?  Slow learner?  By the way, I wait for Avenatti to release evidence that Kavanaugh was a guard at Treblinka.  The progressive desperation is showing.

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  1. I can imagine this conversation, and we should have a response:

    "How could a gang rape ring in the Georgetown area go unnoticed?"

    "Ever heard of the Catholic Church?"

    I think part of the response should point out that a diocese is a tightly-knit hierarchy and a mob of teenagers and young adults isn't.