Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9/11: 17 Years Later

I still remember that day with great intensity.  I am sure those of you over 30 do as well.  Amazing how fast this has become ancient history and concerns about Muslim terrorists have become concern about Islamiphobia.

And these pictures that the media stopped showing for fear that Americans might get angry.


  1. Still remember sitting in the bldg 1 upper training room with everyone watching that on TV after the internet went down because of the massive web traffic. I assume you were probably there as well that day. Hard to focus on writing code when the world was on fire!

  2. The panic about Islamophobia started within days. It was a classic lefty panic - a total misunderstanding of Americans.

  3. I was still in California working a company that was six months in arrears on rent but we did not know it.