Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just Deleted My FascistBook Account

I have a Gab account, but my concern about the destructive effects of social media are strong enough that I doubt that I will ever use it.  Much of this tragic mudslinging incident of the last two weeks is egged on by social media.  I suspect if social media had existed in the 1850s, we would have to war before 1861, and probably with more barbarism.  And why put any legitimacy or money into FacistBook's pocket.

Instapundit observes that we have reached the point where: "PIERS MORGAN IS A VOICE OF SANITY:"  And it is true: After talking about how compelling Dr. Ford's testimony was:
I stopped writing when Brett Kavanaugh walked in to begin his testimony, but this, I felt certain, would be the theme of this column.
There was nothing Kavanaugh could surely say or do that could possibly alter this impression?
I was wrong.
Kavanaugh’s performance was one of the most stunning, raw, breath-taking displays of raw, raging fury that I have ever seen on live television.
He was surging with passion and indignant anger, and emotion; SO much emotion.
He cried, he sighed, he sniffed, he snorted.
And he ranted.
This was a man right on the edge, exploding before our very eyes at what he perceived to be the horrific injustice of what has befallen him.
Kavanaugh’s not just any man.
He’s one of America’s most experienced, respected judges; so a man who until two weeks ago, was considered to be someone of total integrity, someone beyond reproach.
And by the time he’d finished, I believed him too.
His tears, when they came, felt real. His testimony felt real. HE felt real.
But they can’t both be telling the truth, can they?
The bottom line is I don’t now know whom to believe, and I defy anyone else to either.
Ford and Kavanaugh were both equally convincing.
They both came over as decent, civilised, eloquent people.
They both were inherently believable.
The facts of this case remain unsubstantiated, disputed and debatable.
It comes down to whom you believe most, and I just don’t know the answer to that question.
Who can say, honestly and with any certainty, where the truth lies?
I can’t, can you?
What I can say though is that this was one of the most disgusting, disgraceful things I have ever witnessed.

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  1. Sorry to see you go. FB is annoying, but it's a good way to keep in touch - the only way for many people.