Sunday, September 23, 2018

Somewhat Urgent

How do I save a boarding pass image in a browser as an image on a cellphone?  If I was sure that the airport had working Wi-Fi, I could just click the link to display the boarding pass, but that often does not work.
The problem was that during check-in, American Airlines lets you email each passenger's boarding pass to one address.  I have email on my phone, but my wife does not.  (Technophobe.)  I was therefore able to display my boarding pass on my phone, but not on hers.  Nor could I send her boarding pass to my email address.  I eventually solved the problem by entering two different email addresses that I have, but this still does not solve the problem of intermittent Wi-Fi in airports.  But I could send printable boarding passes and print them at what is clearly the nicest Best Western that I have ever stayed in, in Albuquerque.  My wife says I get flustered when I am tired, and she is right.  One of the biggest long term consequences of the strokes is that I tire very easily.


  1. Email it to the cell phone. Or use a cloud service like Evernote or Dropbox.

  2. If you have a conventional smart phone, install the airline's app. They usually allow multiple boarding passes to be stored and displayed.

    But you can usually use the volume down & power buttons to take a screenshot on most Android devices.

  3. Clayton, you are the "technophile" while your wife is apparently a "technophobe." ;-)

    I'd suggest sending both boarding passes to your email address, since yours is the only phone with email (assuming you both travel together.) I always print them out with two copies, one of which I use and the other goes into my carryon, in case of any mishaps.

    It's hard to get my head around the idea of using a cell phone just for phone calls!

  4. What an interesting problem. We usually use United to fly and everybody downloads their app. The email sends a code and everybody uses that to open the boarding passes on the app.

  5. Pull up the boarding pass email where you have a good connection and take a screen print of it. Then you just have to show them the screen print which is sitting there on your phone.