Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Blogger App is No Longer willing to Publish Pictures

And I have taken a few nice ones.  I may have to wait until I get home.  Perhaps not bringing the laptop was a mistake. 

I did bring a gun.  My wife is not happy because it slows down check-in and baggage claim.  American Airlines put my suitcase that had my gun case in it aside at San Antonio.  It was not at first obvious where it had gone.  Want to protect your suitcase from being stolen at baggage claim?  Check a gun and put the case in your suitcase.


  1. Apparently you can protect your luggage even if you only check through a starter pistol, which isn't subject to the restrictions of "real" guns.

  2. It's been about ten years since I've flown, but checking a gun was faster. They would take you out of line and open a new counter station to handle it. Bypass the whole line. My old equipment case I used as a suitcase would just come out on the carousel like normal, after arrival.
    Problem was TSA had no idea how to handle someone flying one-way. They automatically assumed you were a problem, since you weren't planning on returning. Driving back seemed to be a foreign concept to those idiots. (idiot is the nicest term I can use for them) This happened EVERY TIME.

    For some unknown reason I can't send photos in my email body anymore. Ffox/gmail. Recent change.