Sunday, September 9, 2018

I Predict All the Glaciers Will Be Gone By 1925!

The fact that the glaciers at the head of Yakutat bay have retreated several miles within the past one hundred years, as well as the still greater recession of the glaciers of Glacier bay during the same period, indicates the present general recession of the glaciers of the Pacific coast has probably been in progress for more than a century. During this time there must have been many minor oscillations which our imperfect observations do not detect but the fact that the general movement has been backward is well sustained. The shrinking of the glaciers of the west coast of North America, together with the conclusions reached by Prof. Dufour to the effect that the glaciers of both Europe and Asia are receding, indicate that the Greenland ice sheet is the only one in the Northern Hemisphere which is not now diminishing.[The Pan-American Geologist, Volume 9:333]

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  1. Check out a map of Glacier Bay showing ice limits from 1792 on. Much of the receding happened before 1900.