Friday, September 14, 2018

Is This the Mechanic Version of "An Unnatural Act"?

I went looking for socket head inserts for a screwdriver, and the young guy at Home Depot had no idea what a socket head screw was.  When I drew one, he said, "I just use a Tor-X to remove those."


  1. Sounds like a really good reason not to shop at Home Depot.

  2. I spent 13 years at Boeing fixing assembly problems involving Philips head, offset cruciform, hex head, Torques, etc fasteners. I can't even get an interview at Lowes for a part time job, or consideration to work on the assembly line for the 737 or F-35 where they are now employing 16 year olds. No the world wants the kid who like a bull in a china shop rips the fastener out with a Tor-X.

  3. He probably has student loan payments to make for for his degree in Aboriginal Transgender Sociology.