Sunday, September 30, 2018

No, Not a Terrorist

9/21/18 NBC Los Angeles reports on the arrest of a Saleh Ali for possession of bombs in his car 350 miles from home.  He had prior convictions for terrorist threats, but no, this is not a terrorist incident.

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  1. Well, there could be a non-terrorist explanation for what he had in his car. There's always that element of doubt. Like the criminal defense attorney who suspects his wife is cheating, so he hires a detective to follow her, and she meets a man at a motel. The detective is able to peek in a window and sees her undress and get into bed, when the man enters the room naked and turns the light off. The detective leaves to report what to him is damning evidence. The attorney's reaction is, "But there's still that element of doubt!"

    The media clearly learned evidence from this attorney.