Saturday, September 29, 2018

I Had My Daughter Create a Web Page for My Books  Why a separate page?  One PR firm said my web page was oldfashioned and they could not consider me as a client for that reason.


  1. Your old page is mostly text stuff, right? It should be easy to save and have the website redone from scratch.

    I am sure if you ask her nicely, she will clean that up and make it look as great as the new site.

  2. The new site looks great! Congrats to your daughter for the nice work. I hate to say it, but the publicist was right. First impressions are important, and the old website would never work.

  3. Can you charge them with age discrimination by calling it "Old Fashioned."

  4. I checked them both out. Your daughter was right, the new version is a vast improvement (and much easier on the eyes).

    You can tell you're getting old when your kids are giving YOU advice ... and you're becoming wiser when you take it.

  5. The new page looks great.

    Do you own both domains? If so, try updating the DNS on to point to or put in an apache redirect ( You may be able to use an .htaccess redirect if it is on a server you don't control.

    This will ensure that visitors to both addresses see the more professional site.

    Best of luck!