Friday, September 28, 2018

It Appears the Second Lynching Failed

I see the committee had approved confirmation.  Sen. Flake wants a one week delay for more investigation.  That will accomplish nothing and I am sure he knows it.  I hope McConnell goes ahead and calls the vote Tuesday.

I hope this disgraceful character assassination puts some people into voting Republican in November.


  1. Unfortunately, if McConnell holds the vote on Tuesday, Flake, Murkowski, and Collins will all vote "No". At that point, there is no way that Heitkamp will vote "Yes", making 51 "No" votes, and the nomination is rejected.

  2. "It Appears the Second Lynching Failed"

    It's way too early to assume that. If this is assigned to the FBI, it will just be an opportunity to smear him with new allegations, calls for further investigations, rinse and repeat. If there is an FBI investigation, I think it should be coupled with an investigation into the way this smear was instigated.

    I share your hope that the bald-faced character assassination at the hands of Democrats will be seen for what it is. If it is not, we and then our children will be in for a very rough time - especially men and boys.

  3. That was my first thought when I heard that they were going to delay the vote for one week. Well, maybe the second. The first thought was that the Democrats were going to come up with one more last moment reason to delay things for yet one more week, perhaps 2 or 3 other women will step out of the woodwork with claims of how Kavanaugh is the worst serial rapist since Satan's oldest son.
    If you want to see friends turn into vindictive, angry haters, at least female friends, just make a comment on FB, either in support of Judge Kavanaugh, or just saying that you have known men who were accused but were not guilty.
    The woman, in these cases an ex wife, and an ex girlfriend, were being vindictive, and the ex wife was trying to get him away from his kids.
    In that case, she had brainwashed the kids and coached them on what to say. Fortunately, my friend had gotten a decent lawyer who gently got the kids, on video, in a separate room, to tell the real story, and he was found not guilty.
    But of course, the damage had been done, just like with Judge Kavanaugh. His reputation was shot, and he ended up having to quit and moved across country, starting a cleaning business, as he would not lie when people asked on job apps, if he had ever been arrested.
    One good thing that is going to come out of this, is that if the judge is shot down, the republicans should get a boost come November.

  4. I'm being generous here about my senator - Flake. He might have decided to be the fall guy - to take the blame for the investigation that others thought was needed to get the full Senate to approve Kavanaugh - given the various other flakes that are nominal Repubicans, plus some red state Democrat senators.


    But, Flake has been stabbing conservatives in the back since Trump came along, so who knows.