Saturday, September 29, 2018

Looking at the Irrational Rage on Facebook About Kavanaugh

Makes me worried that if the blue wave does not happen in November, we may see widespread leftist violence.  These people are insane.  Three allegations (one not terribly persuasive because her memories are weak and her claimed witnesses, one a friend of hers, deny it happened)  another one that does not even claim that Kavanaugh was certainly the wrongdoer, she was drunk, and one that is simply not credible and appears to be a Chan4 prank on Avenatti) have turned into proof that Kavanaugh is a rapist.  These people are relying on Democrat majorities impeaching Kavanaugh and Trump; if they don't get them, all hell will break loose.


  1. Question is will they first try to destroy whats left of the old Democratic party, or just go for broke like the SLA, and the weathermen.

  2. Better some leftist violence than loss of conservative causes. Leftists will do what leftists will do. Violence will hurt their cause.

  3. I heard yesterday on the radio a quote from Alan Dershowitz, a Liberal, not a Leftist. "Rape is such a serious offense that innocence is no defense."